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Talent strategy
  Working together and achieving value - the employees who work together are the most important resources of the company, and the value of the company is created jointly by employees. To be a person in advance, to be brave to take responsibility, to be willing to dedicate, and to be self-discipline is the quality of the company, which is focused on by the company. It is the style of work required by the company to innovate, pursue efficiency and cooperate with the company. The company regards "people" as the foundation, respects different professions, respects different personalities, and maximizes the space for employees to realize self worth. The company fully realizes that high-quality talents are the most important source of the core competitiveness of the enterprise, pay attention to the needs of the employees' professional development and the high level of self realization, create a loose working environment for the employees, and provide a good salary and welfare benefits. The company requests and supports employees' learning and enterprising, pursuing common progress between employees and enterprises, and is committed to building learning organizations and becoming the best employers. It is the company's unremitting pursuit to gather and cultivate high-quality talents in the industry and devote themselves to the dedication of social and human values. Selection criteria: virtue and virtue The principle of employing people is to know what is good and how to use it properly, and to employ talents and to tolerate others is short. Staff assessment standards: "moral, energy and performance" - performance priority, attitude and ability. The basic requirements of staff literacy are honesty, reflection, learning and progress. The staff pursue: strengthen the mind, sharpen the will, stimulate the potential, establish the correct value system, thinking and behavior pattern, create a brilliant career and a healthy and rich life. Ways of doing things: whole process control, stage assessment, and equal emphasis on results and process. Do things style: words must be done, deeds must be fruit, fruit will be excellent; no prevarication, no procrastination, no speculation. Corporate management philosophy: use the right people, to the right place, at the right time, in the right way, to do the right thing, to do things in place - to establish an automatic success mechanism for employees and enterprises. Human resources view of the company: talent is the rise and fall of the enterprise, the enterprise is the boat of talent voyage, the same boat together with the other side; treatment to stay, career stay, emotional retention, atmosphere to keep people Employee's professional ethics: dedication, loyalty, initiative, responsibility, honesty and diligence.
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