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Enterprise development goal Building a bearing brand enterprise with international competitiveness Create the fame and reputation of leading bearings at home and abroad. Create a leading market share for bearings at home and abroad. management philosophy People-oriented, efficiency priority Give full play to the role of employees and create the best results with efficient work. Pursue enterprise management efficiency and maximize output with minimum input. Human concept Respect, understanding, trust, creation Respect employees' personality, dignity, rights, freedoms and achievements Understanding the difficulties, hardships and needs of the staff and workers I believe that the staff and workers are good at mobilizing their enthusiasm so that they can feel honor and pride. Create conditions for training and achieve success in the two aspects of material and spiritual development. Management policy Comply with the law, integrity, prevention and improvement, and create a bearing brand enterprise. High quality, environmental protection, safety and health, and create a modern and harmonious enterprise.
Quality concept Create fine quality and pursue zero defect Continuously optimize product performance and pursue defect free manufacturing process. Constantly optimize product image, pursue high level boutique culture and brand value. Code of conduct Be a noble person, a pure person, a person who is out of low interest. To be a dedicated enterprise, caring for others and social workers. Be a conscientious worker with strong principles and standards. Market concept Fight the market Carry forward the spirit of perseverance and struggle. Develop self-confidence and self-improvement, and strive for integrity. Carry forward the spirit of struggle in the interests of enterprises, regardless of personal gains and losses. The spirit of the struggle is not afraid of suffering, and not afraid of difficulties Product development strategy Do fine bearings, do bearings, lift bearings, expand spare parts. Scientific management, standardization of system management, and informationalization of process management.
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Company address: Linxi Bearing Industrial Park, Xingtai City, Hebei Province Postcode: 054900

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